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Heidi Semetka-Plate through the LOFFT LENS

Heidi Semetka-Plate through the LOFFT LENS
Presenting Co-Founder & Creative Director of Sancia Heide Semetka-Plate through the LOFFT LENS. 

What/Who inspires you?

Immersed in nature - either in our backyard or going for a walk in the bush or on the beach. Usually peaceful and barefoot, it sets a great tone for my day and always inspires me.


Travel location you are dreaming about? 

Greece or Portugal!

We went to Milos a few years ago for our Honeymoon and it was absolutely magical.  My brother is currently living Portugal and I would love to get back over there to visit him as soon as we can travel.


Your favourite hidden gem?

We’re so lucky to be surrounded by the most incredible beaches and bush – our favourite is a little beach north of Bar Beach. It’s surrounded by huge cliffs and feels like another world.


What are you currently binging?

I just binged ‘Mare of Easttown’ and before that ‘I Know This Much Is True’


What does comfort mean to you?

Comfort to me is being at home with my family; sunshine and happiness abounds in our garden. Finishing the day with a slow-cooked meal - sitting around the table eating seafood and drinking wine with my family. 




Your career highlight to date?

There are so many things  - Seeing any girl wearing SANCIA on the street is so heart-warming or watching our beautiful team grow, (also working alongside my husband every day, we feel very fortunate and we don’t even argue that much!)  I am still super inspired by the process, I get a rush when we source new certified organic fabrications from the markets or when a garment or handbag arrives from our manufacturers and it’s beautiful and looks exactly like the vision in my mind.  That’s a moment I feel like we’ve really achieved something.  


Quote to live by? 

The world looks the way you feel. Work on feeling joy and happiness inside so that you can see and appreciate the joy and happiness in the world.



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